Minecraft Jenny Mod 1.12.2

El Minecraft jenny mod, created by SlipperyTum, is an unofficial modification for the Minecraft game, commonly known as the Minecraft Sex Mod. This mod introduces a virtual girlfriend character named Jenny into the Minecraft universe, available in the game’s creative mode.

For avid Minecraft players, Jenny is a familiar name. She offers an enhanced gaming experience specifically tailored for adult players. Jenny is equipped with impressive superpowers that add a unique twist to the gameplay. Let’s explore the exciting capabilities Jenny brings to your Minecraft adventures.

Introduction to Jenny Mod

Upon installing this Mod, you’ll find Jenny waiting for you at the iconic pointed roof. She becomes your virtual girlfriend, allowing you to date her and give her gifts such as emeralds, gold, and diamonds.

When Jenny drinks a lucky potion, she gains abilities like probability manipulation and water-breathing. She can turn any situation to her advantage and teleport herself like an Enderman when the conditions are right. Additionally, Jenny can instantly heal and gain strength after attacks.

La Mod Minecraft Jenny is designed to provide users with adult interactions within the Minecraft game. It offers a simulation of a loving relationship for players with a sexual nature, enhancing the adult interaction experience with their character.

Note that the Jenny Mod is available exclusively in Creative mode. Although she isn’t a real person, the experience of giving her gifts can feel as real as if you were gifting your actual girlfriend. If you haven’t tried this mod yet, it’s definitely worth a go.

How to install Minecraft Jenny Mod

habiertos Minecraft Jenny Mod official website

descargar Mod Minecraft Jenny

Necesitas instalar el Minecraft Forge to install any Mod in Minecraft. You must follow these steps to install and run this Mod in Minecraft.

  • de Vidir Minecraft Forge en tu PC.
  • Descargue nuestra jenny mod en tu ordenador.
  • Now, install it in the Minecraft Forge to play this Mod.

Let’s see how you can perform these steps.

Install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a Mod loader that allows users to install and run different Mods in the Minecraft game. Here’s how to install Minecraft Forge.

Minecraft Forge Happymodapk Free Download
Minecraft Jenny Mod 1.12.2 11Happymodapk Descarga gratuita
  • Pásate por el página web oficial of Minecraft Forge or download it directly from the button below.
  • Now, select the version of juego de minecraft that you are using from the Menú desplegable.
  • Haga clic en el de Vidir . para iniciar Descarga de Minecraft Forge.
  • After downloading, run the JAR Configure y siga las instrucciones en pantalla para instalarlo.

Now, you have completed the setup of Minecraft Forge. Make sure you have selected the correct version of Minecraft that you are using; otherwise,

Install Jenny Mod

After downloading both files (Minecraft Forge & Jenny Mod), you need to install the Mod file into Minecraft Forge. Please proceed by following the steps outlined below to complete the procedure.

  • Inicie el Minecraft Forge en tu PC.
  • En  página de información de sus operaciones, Seleccionar Minecraft.
  • Visite la Minecraft desplegable menú y seleccione el My Paquetes de modificaciones .
  • Create a custom profile using the Crear perfil personalizado botón en el esquina superior derecha.
  • Give your favorite name to this profile.
  • Select the version “1.12.2” for the Minecraft version.
  • Haga Clic en Crear, and the profile will be created.
  • After creating the custom profile, click on the profile to open it.
  • Click on the dots and select “Carpeta abierta."
  • Ahora, drag and drop the JAR file into this folder.
  • Visite la Forja maldición y busque el "jenny mod” under the installed Mods.
  • Haga clic en el PLAY . to start the game under the new profile.
  • Press the Play button again to load the game with Jenny Mod.
  • Now, you can play with Jenny in the game.

The installation process was completed successfully. Return to the dashboard and find the Jenny Mod under the “installed mods."

Now, you can play Minecraft from the profile you created recently, and Jenny will be there waiting for you. Make sure you are in the creative world to interact with Jenny.

How to install Jenny Mod MCPE/Bedrock Edition

Installing this Mod in MCPE/Bedrock edition is easy. You can follow the steps below to complete the procedure.

  • Descargue nuestra MCPE/Bedrock edition Mod from the button below.
  • Importa the Mod into the Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Now, restart the Minecraft app and activar the Mod in the Settings.
  • Créar un new mundo and enjoy with Jenny in your game.

Download Minecraft Jenny Mod 1.12.2

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